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Over the last decade,
We have succesfully treated people from [] in less than half the time of other treatment programs.

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Accelerated Recovery Centers are for Professionals Like You.

Accelerated Recovery Centers helps highly functioning men and women across the country treat alcohol problems privately, confidentially, and successfully. We've helped physicians, business owners, executives, attorneys and more with our intensive seven, twelve and nineteen day treatment programs. Our personalized treatment eliminates barriers to entry and provides concierge care to clients up to a year after they return home. As an alternative to traditional 12-step programs, we have a reputation for success when other treatment programs have failed, which is why Accelerated enjoys a 99% “Exceeds Expectations” rating from our clients.

The Accelerated Recovery Program


Only 12 Days of Intensive Treatment

Accelerated delivers successful alcohol treatment in half the time of other alcohol rehab programs. This means considerably less time away from family, friends and work


90+ Hours of 1-on-1 Treatment

We treat your individual issues 1-on-1 in private, sound-conditioned treatment suites. You’ll get more private treatment every day than most programs provide in a month.


6 Months of Tailored Continuing Care

Unlike most alcohol treatment centers, Accelerated provides continuing 1-to-1 care for 6 months upon your return home with the same licensed professionals that you have come to know and trust.


Private High-End Accommodations

You’ll have a private suite with a bedroom, living room and small kitchen. You will never have a roommate unless you bring a family member with you.


Your Family is Welcome to Join You

Family members have a significant impact on overcoming alcohol dependence. Accelerated involves family members in every stage of treatment so you have your support system with you.


Bring Your Cellphone and Laptop

We provide ample time to stay connected to the outside world, leaving you better prepared to return home than programs that isolate you.


We Only Treat Alcohol Addiction

We are the only addiction treatment center in North America that focuses exclusively on treating alcohol dependence, letting us hyper-specialize and achieve greater results.


Insurance Friendly

Accelerated can assign an Insurance Advocate that will work with you and your insurance carrier. We do everything we can to keep our fees as low as possible.

How We Compare To Others

If you have questions, we’re available 24 hours a day. (877) 960-2081

Accelerated Recovery at a glance

100% of our clients are seeking treatment and ready to stop using alcohol.
We do not accept clients who are being forced into treatment against their will.
Our clients spend 80% less time away from their home, family and career when compared to other treatment programs.
On average, Accelerated’s programs cost up to 62% less than comparable programs, while producing better outcomes.
On average, Accelerated’s programs offer over 90 hours of private 1-on-1 licensed clinical care.
99% of Accelerated clients say that they will abstain from alcohol indefinitely.

More than 90% of Accelerated Recovery’s successful clients have tried traditional alcohol treatment programs, some as many as 7 times.

Our Philosophy

At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we set out to create the NEW standard for SUCCESSFUL treatment of alcohol addiction. We built the first customer-driven treatment center that was purposefully designed around the needs of the client. We set out to create a treatment alternative that people like you could actually say yes to. We did so with the following goals in mind:
  • To create levels of individual success never before seen in the treatment of alcohol addiction
  • To use our success to dramatically increase the number of people seeking treatment for alcohol dependence
  • To create a challenging yet positive and enjoyable treatment environment which encourages people to enter into treatment earlier in the process of addiction
Accelerated Recovery offers an alternative to 12 Step alcohol addiction treatment programs. Our program is grounded in scientific research and is supported by some of the largest studies ever conducted in the United States. We allow you to escape the social stigma of being labeled an "Alcoholic" and take back control of your life.

Comfortable, High-End Facilities

We offer tailored accommodations for solo clients, as well as those who bring their families. Call for more details. (877) 960-2081

Our Goals for Setting Standards in Treatment

At Accelerated Recovery, we have a singular goal and focus: to set the new standard for treatment of alcohol dependence. In order to accomplish this goal, we set very specific objectives to ensure the success of our treatment programs and to eliminate the barriers to entering treatment:

Produce results.

Alcohol addiction is a treatable condition. Our addiction treatment programs have a success rate up to eight times higher than traditional institutional rehab programs.

Remove the 'life sentence.'

We believe that treatment has a beginning and an end. At the end of your alcohol addiction treatment program at Accelerated, you will be recovered. You will no longer be dependent on alcohol. You will have your life back.

Provide an alternative to the 12-steps.

Since alcohol addiction is a progressive condition, we believe that people need a viable option for when they are ready. At Accelerated, we created the best alternative to traditional alcohol treatment programs.

Reduce time spent away from your life.

We don't want to take you from your work or family. Our alcohol treatment programs typically only require twelve days of time away from family and career, with 6 months of care after returning home.

Eliminate the stigma

When you arrive at Accelerated, you will leave all societal stigmas behind. You will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Our facilities are warm, comfortable and upscale.

Create a challenging & positive experience.

Negative reinforcement has no place in the changing of behaviors. Working with our expert team, recovery is an experience that you will look forward to and one that you will never forget.

Reduce the costs of recovery.

Our alcohol treatment programs are consistently half the cost of national inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Commit to client success.

If we determine that an individual is not a good candidate for our program, we have an established a network and will gladly refer individuals to a program that will better suit their needs.

Client Success Stories

"Such a relief to find this non-12-step program. Every aspect of treatment exceeds expectations. The health support and nutritional healing has been amazing. Custom Rx plan offers well-being and security while learning to live without alcohol. I have learned so much and I thought I knew it all."

- Anonymous for Client's privacy
"I didn't know that such a program existed. AA and other similar programs just didn't work for me. Accelerated very closely mirrored my philosophy as to attaining and maintaining sobriety. I would highly recommend this approach, especially to those who have become disillusioned with other programs."

- Anonymous for Client's privacy

Do you have questions about Accelerated Recovery Centers?
We’re available to talk 24/7. (877) 960-2081

Our Success Partners

With success rates up to 8 times the national average,
Accelerated offers a permanent solution to the problem of alcoholism.

Treatment Options


Every single one of our clients gets: genetic assessment, neurological assessment, laboratory testing, psychological assessments including communication style and attachment style, medical treatment and relapse prevention medications.

  • Mild Dependence

  • Does not use alcohol daily. Has no withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol use. Little or no consequences associated with alcohol use. Mild depression or anxiety. Has never been in a treatment program before. Has family history of alcohol problems. Support system intact.

    • 7 Intensive Days
    • Up to 45 Hours of Therapy
    • Up to 7 Licensed Clinical Staff
    • 3 Months of Continuing Care
    • 6 Month Guarantee*

  • Moderate Dependence

  • Uses alcohol daily. May or may not have withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol use. May or may not require medically supervised detoxification services. May or may not have consequences associated with alcohol use. Moderate depression and/or anxiety. Has been in a treatment program 0-2 times before. Has family history of alcohol problems. Support system largely intact.

    • 12 Intensive Days
    • Up to 90 Hours of Therapy
    • Up to 10 Licensed Clinical Staff
    • Relationship Checkup
    • Relationship Compatibility
    • Relationship Therapy
    • 6 Months of Continuing Care
    • 6 Months of On Call Support
    • 12 Month Guarantee*

  • Severe Dependence

  • Uses alcohol daily. Has withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol use. Likely requires medically supervised detoxification services. Likely has consequences associated with alcohol use. Moderate to severe depression and/or anxiety. Has been in a treatment program more than 2 times before. May require treatment for a mood disorder or bipolar disorder. Has family history of alcohol problems. Support system frayed.

    • 19 Intensive Days
    • Over 100 Hours of Therapy
    • Up to 10 Licensed Clinical Staff
    • Relationship Checkup
    • Relationship Compatibility
    • Relationship Therapy
    • Mood & Bipolar Disorder Treatment
    • 12 Months of Continuing Care
    • 12 Months of On Call Support
    • 12 Months of Family Support
    • 12 Month Guarantee*

What Success Requires of You

Expectations Determine Outcomes

At Accelerated Recovery you will expect to succeed and each member of your multidisciplinary alcoholism treatment program team will be committed to your success. Alcohol addiction is a treatable condition and Accelerated Recovery knows how to treat it successfully.
With success rates up to eight times that of traditional treatment programs, fully-licensed clinicians and ten years of experience, we are confident in our ability to help you make alcohol addiction a thing of your past.

Success Requires Focus

Accelerated Recovery is exclusively committed to the treatment of alcohol dependence. Unlike other programs that combine multiple addictions and other maladaptive behaviors together for treatment, we believe that keen focus provides an optimal environment for your success.
We base all of our programming and counseling on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else.

Success Requires Clinically Proven and Innovative Programs

Accelerated Recovery was the first company in the nation to implement the COMBINED Recovery Protocol™ which combines pharmacology, medical management, focused therapy and wellness management to ensure your success. Confirmed to be the most effective type of treatment for alcohol addiction by one of the largest studies ever conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Accelerated’s COMBINED Recovery Protocol™ will enable results not available from institutional recovery programs.

Success Requires Great Teamwork and a Great Team

Medical Management. Therapeutic Management. Wellness Management. Accelerated Recovery Centers has assembled a world class team of licensed professionals to help with alcohol dependence from both a physiological and a psychological perspective. The process is about optimizing life.
Here we have assembled a team of experts to assist you in reevaluating each of your relationships through the lens of sobriety; your relationship with your spouse, your family, your friends and your career. These clinicians are also trained to assist with specific issues such as anger, grief, loss and spirituality.

Success is About Continuity of Care

As a client of Accelerated Recovery, you will have access to the same medical, therapeutic and wellness management team for up to a year. Your team has one specific goal in mind: your success. Unlike a typical aftercare plan, Accelerated’s Continuous Care Plan focuses on your long term success with resources that you have come to trust and rely on.

Success Is About Setting Goals and Achieving Them

At Accelerated Recovery, it’s all about the “D”. We do not believe in the philosophy of perpetual recovery. We believe that the process of recovery has a beginning and an end. And at the end of your relationship with Accelerated, you can be recovered, recovered with a “D”. You will be taught to put alcohol addiction behind you. You will have the skills to live a full life free from alcohol. You will have your life back.

Success Must Be Appealing

At Accelerated, we have gone to great lengths to eliminate barriers to entering alcohol treatment programs. We are the most sought after alternative to institutional and traditional treatment programs. We require minimal time away from your family and your career. Our facilities are upscale and discreet. Our locations are convenient and confidential. While we expect the environment to be challenging, we strive to ensure that each interaction with Accelerated is one that you, the client, actually look forward to.
Participation is strictly voluntary. We have strong client advocacy. Our costs are competitive while providing exceptional value and outstanding results. We provide an environment that is discreet, safe, comfortable, engaging, stimulating, productive and positive. We attract clients that want to be successful in overcoming dependence.

Success Attracts Those Who Truly Want to Succeed

By design, Accelerated Recovery severely limits the number of clients we accept based on our client centric focus. We believe that the best results in treatment are achieved in small groups of like minded people.
Accelerated Recovery’s programs are not for everyone that need treatment, but we are committed to work with each person seeking treatment through our
referral network.

Call today to immediately speak to an expert and see if Accelerated Recovery is the right choice for you or your loved one. (877) 960-2081

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