Accelerated Recovery Centers is the only treatment center in the United States that focuses exclusively on the successful treatment of alcohol use disorders. Accelerated is also one of the few research based alcohol treatment centers in the world. Attorneys, Business Owners, Executives, Physicians, Seniors and other highly functioning men and women from across the country rely on Accelerated to privately, confidentially and successfully treat their alcohol related problems. With the implementation of intensive five, twelve and nineteen day treatment programs, Accelerated has eliminated virtually every barrier to entry into treatment. And with concierge level care available to Accelerated’s clients for up to a year after returning home, and with a reputation for creating success when other treatment programs have failed, it is clear why Accelerated enjoys a 99% “Exceeds Expectations” rating from our clients over the last decade

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Accelerated Recovery at a glance.

100% of Accelerated’s clients share the same goal to successfully overcome an alcohol use disorder.  Accelerated does not admit or treat opiate, stimulant or process addicts.
100% of Accelerated ‘s clients are treatment seeking and are ready to stop using alcohol for purposes of self medication. Accelerated does not admit or treat court ordered individuals or anyone that is forced into treatment against their will.
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On average, Accelerated clients spend 80% less time away from home, family and career.

Accelerated’s treatment programs typically cost less than comparable one-to-one treatment programs while providing exceptional results.


On average, Accelerated’s treatment programs offer over 75 hours of private 1-to-1 licensed clinical care compared with 0-3 hours in 28 day residential, 12 Step treatment programs.


Accelerated clients have access to Recovery Concierge services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for an average of six months after returning home.

Accelerated Recovery provides the only comprehensive, research based treatment program in the United States that is focused exclusively on the successful, long term treatment of alcohol abuse and dependence. Accelerated’s treatment programs are based on medical and clinical science and provide a rare alternative to 12 Step based treatment.

Treatment Includes:

Private Diagnostics

Known nationally for our thorough differential diagnostics process, Accelerated uses scientific and medical assessments in 6 different categories prior to the commencement of treatment.


Most Accelerated Clients test positive for MTHFR transcription errors. These genetic errors have been associated with co-occurring disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder. Accelerated uses best practices to address and treat these transcription errors.


Individual communication and attachment styles are evaluated and are put in context of current relationships.


Predictive analytics determines which medications in which combination will be optimally effective given an individual client’s brain chemistry.

Family Systems

Relationship Checkups are conducted to create a baseline of current levels of compatibility in 11 different categories. Communication and attachment styles are also analyzed for compatibility.


Extensive laboratory testing is done to determine any underlying health issues which may contribute to excessive use of alcohol.


Exhaustive psychological testing is conducted to inform each individualized treatment plan. Most Accelerated clients have been improperly diagnosed by less thorough clinicians and programs.

Private Treatment

Private Detox

Accelerated offers private detoxification services for clients that need them. Non-Psychiatric Hospital based detox services are also available.

Private Treatment

Accelerated provides private, confidential, discreet treatment on a 1-to-1 basis. We are not a group based treatment facility.


30% of Accelerated’s private clinical care is spent with family members, in particular spouses and significant others, ensuring that all affected individuals are afforded high quality care.

Private Follow up

For 6 months after returning home, Accelerated will continue to provide 1-to-1 clinical care through secure video conferencing and other means. Our clients also have access to a Recovery Concierge during that time.

Private Facilities


Every client stays in a private suite and may bring laptops, tablets, smart phones and family members with them, should they so desire.

Treatment Suites

Each client is assigned a treatment suite for their entire length of stay. Treatment suites are roomy, comfortable and sound conditioned to protect confidentiality and privacy.


Each client is assigned a professional fitness trainer during their time here. You will have access to private athletic facilities, pools and other amenities. Private transportation is also provided during your stay.

Private Records

Accelerated’s clients demand privacy. No local, state, federal or private agency has access to Accelerated’s client files. And every clients signs a legally binding non-disclosure agreement to protect the privacy of others.

What Our Clients Say

Extraordinary Success

99% of Accelerated clients say they will be able to abstain from alcohol indefinitely.

Quality of Life

99% of Accelerated clients say we exceeded their expectations regarding impact on the quality of their life.

Exceptional Value

93% of Accelerated clients say we exceeded their expectations in terms of value (benefits relative to cost).

5 Star Reviews

Accelerated is Affordable

Insurance Assistance

Accelerated provides access to a third party administrator who will assist those clients who wish to use their insurance.

Financial Options

Accelerated provides access to third party lenders who finance our services over time, thus making treatment an affordable alternative.

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